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Today's #AirheadMoment

Bite into biteable Airheads Bites and watch hilariously awesome airhead moments. See our commercials on YouTube and share your #AirheadMoment today.



These aren’t your parent's Airheads! We’ve worked REALLY hard to make our bars softer and the flavors more intense. We know you’ll fall in love with them all over again.

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Airheads Xtremes

Our Airheads Xtremes sour belts pack a punch! For all you sour lovers out there, try Rainbow Berry, Bluest Raspberry or Wacky Watermelon on for size.

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Airheads bites

Your favorite, chewy & intense Airheads flavors now come in bite-sized pieces! And to add to that fun, you can also get the all new berry flavors in Airheads bites berry!


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Airheads Xtremes Bites

Your favorite, chewy & intense Xtremes flavors now come in bite-sized pieces! The sweetly sour taste that you love is even easier to eat!


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In Specially Marked 6 Packs

Everyone loves grape, right? You let us know how much you missed it and we listened. You can find grape bars in specially marked 6 packs!